How to plan and
execute your content monetization strategy

Monetizing your content, particularly from reader revenue, is an inevitable reality for most publishers today.

The diminishing revenue from advertising forces publishers to supplement monetization by selling content to their readers. But for most, it’s not as simple as just putting up a hard paywall. It’s much more complicated than that and there are many ever-changing factors to consider. So, how do you get started?

Key Points

Set a goal – you can’t determine whether your effort is successful if you have not defined what success means to you and your organization.

Develop a testing strategy and timeline – and give yourself enough time to derive statistically significant results before you roll out with a strategy across your site.

Choose the right tech stack – make sure you can technically accommodate what you actually need to do.

Launch and scale – roll out your strategy across your site and do more of what has proven to produce the best results in the testing stage.

Evaluate success – did you reach your goal?

Iterate based on results using data and industry expertise – keep looking at your results and data and use all of the resources you have available to determine if your strategy needs adjusting.

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