With community the value of the hour, contributions are flourishing

Imagine if you could read every article on your favourite platform, without needing to overcome a paywall first. Instead you pay what you want, when you want. Would you support such an approach?

More and more publishers around the world are relying on the contribution model in the current crisis and are seeing success with it. Let’s take a closer look at a few examples.

Key Points

The Standard – the Austrian publication rolled out contributions across the entire medium in January 2020. In the first four months, the number of voluntary payers rose by 5,500 and the Standard raised 160,000 euros.

Guardian US – In April 2020, one reader pledged to support the title with 500 US dollars every month.

Skift – the travel trade medium discarded its long-prepared metered paywall and replaced it with a contribution offer during the coronavirus. It saw a total of over $100,000 in sales from voluntary user payments for a single webinar.

Archant – the British media group announced the introduction of contributions in March. The media group includes almost 50 local media outlets across the UK.

Local Media Association – the US organization launched its own service – the COVID-19 Local News Fund.

Laterpay – we too have seen a similar influx in contributions, and the community spirit is evident across multiple different media. Across all of our customers who use contributions, we recorded a 1,186 percent increase in April over January 2020

April 2020 1,186%

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